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About us


Asier Arregi Hernandez

Agricultural Engineer, Researcher and Geobiologist.

Founder of the Geobiotek project for the measurement and harmonization of homes and in general of any living space. Specialized in Electromagnetic Fields and in the Teachings of the Regulatory Paths of the Ancient Masters of Bulding or Sacred Geometry.

Director, Designer and creator of the Protective, Vitalizing and Harmonizing devices of Lau-buru Teknologia


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Aikari Lizaso Aldasoro
Psycho-emotional companion in processes of personal, individual and group growth.
Researcher of the human psyche and the relationship between environmental events and body somatization.
Creator of spaces for personal and work entrepreneurship, mentor in business management.
Passionate about designing and creating new fields of research and experimentation.
Director of Marketing and Human Relations at Lau-buru Teknologia


In Lau-buru Technology  we need to be close to people, that's how we grow...
listening to you, tell us...

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