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Lb100-Water User Manual

Lb 100 Transparentzia.png

It is a piece created from the foundations of what we could call Universal Geometry. The circle, the square, the fractals, four blades rotating like a vortex, the shape of the galaxy, the spiral movement, the natural form of the movement of energy and life.


Its origin is ancient and is known practically throughout the history of mankind and in almost the entire planet: ancient stones with the symbol, pre-Indo-European, Indo-European, Roman, Greek cultures, used by American tribes, in Asia, used by practically all world religions: Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Visnuists ...


Geobiotek has designed this Lb100 model with the Earth's natural geometric patterns in mind. At the level of materials, the combination of a polymer with a well-worked and tested dosage of different silica and calcium microparticles has been sought. Ways to use the Lb100-Water from Lau-buru.




With a 20 minute application under a glass of water, bottle or jug, they improve their flavor qualities in most cases. In experiments with Sensitive Crystallization, an improvement in its characteristics in general is observed. Concluding in crystallization, this system can be used to reactivate good quality water that has been stored for a long time. Likewise, it can also be a good activator for irrigation waters.




It can be applied under the wine glass or bottle. There have been many experiences of tastings and tests in which changes in the taste and aroma of the wine are denoted. NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL WINES. If a particular wine already has excellent qualities, the use of Lb100 may affect it in an unsatisfactory way. In most cases it softens the flavors. In wines open for more than one day the results are very significant and positive. In red wines, the most recommended position is with the star facing up, to soften astringency and acidity. In white wines, if you want to enhance the sweets, the flat side up (star down) is recommended. With a star facing up, they dry.




The Lb100 generates a subtle field that reduces the biological effects of electromagnetic fields and telluric disturbances. Sensitive placement: dowsing. To harmonize spaces, a single Lb100 can be placed using dowsing sensitivity to find a good quality energy vortex on the ground and place it adjusting it. Very good results with 2 spirals equidistant from the geometric center of the place and in line with it (with measurements between Earth-air and ether).

With three Lb100 you can form an equilateral triangle surrounding the area you want to harmonize. Energetic cleaning of a room, room: three Lb100 together in a triangle with a candle on top can move a lot of subtle energy and do an energetic cleaning. It is recommended to put it in this way and leave the place for a minimum of half an hour. It can also be done with a single Spiral and a candle on top.


You can send your plan to and request a remote job applying geometry and dowsing for its placement.




This is not a medical device, nor does it imply any type of therapy. The use is entirely on your own account at the level of responsibilities. Geobiotek, the creator and manufacturer, will continue to continually investigate and report its results through the web.

- It can be used on the body to seek a subtle energy supply in the chakras. Usually with the flat part towards the body.

- It is possible that it is activated with intention, increasing the energy of the placebo.

- When you want to expose on a specific area, it is recommended to do tests to feel personal sensations.

- In general, it is good to apply first a few minutes (about 5) with the part of the star towards the body and then, more time with the flat part towards the body. But each person is different, so it is recommended to try it.

- Travel: you have good sensations for driving or long car journeys, or plane trips with the placement of the Lb100 in the lumbar area with the flat part towards the body.


Safety precautions:

- The main material is Polycarbonate, being suitable for food use, although direct contact with hot food is not recommended as a precaution.

- Do not burn it, or subject it to temperatures above 100ºC.

- Do not put essential oils directly on the device. There may be chemical and energetic reaction leading to cracking the device. Use a saucer on the device. 

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