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It is a piece created from the foundations of what we could call Universal Geometry or Sacred Geometry taking into account natural geometric patterns of the Earth.


The circle, the square, the fractals, four blades turning like a vortex, the shape of the galaxy, the spiral movement. In short, the natural form of movement of energy and the energy fields of living beings.


Its origin is ancient. It is known practically throughout the history of mankind and on almost the entire planet.


Ancient stones with the symbol, pre-Indo-European, Indo-European, Roman, Greek cultures, different cultures in America, in Asia, used by practically all the world's religions: Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Visnuists, etc. It is a svastika1 (Sanskrit word), also known as tetraskelion (Greece), Wan (China), manji (Japan), lauburu (Basque Country) and other names in other languages.



And it is precisely because of its great energy capacity that it has been repeatedly used throughout the ages, to lay the foundations for the temples of practically all the world's religions.



They have been encrypted in its design: fractals of hexagons (central dodecagonal star), measures related to the pentagon, hexagon-pentagon union, etc.

At the level of energetic geometry, it could be said that it is a horizontal section of a toroidal field.

A piece capable of interacting with its surroundings, balancing and harmonizing biological elements and telluric alterations.

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