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NEW PRODUCT Lb 4 Phone, sticker for mobile phone, router, DECT (cordless phone), tablets ...


Diameter: 2.5cm

Thickness: 2.6mm


It is a geometric resonator that combines an electronic circuit  and a resin layer with mineral micro and nanoparticles specially  selected, giving greater power to the  Lb 4 Phone .


After the satisfactory results in the tests with GDV-Bio-well, maintaining the energetic state of all the organs;  and the protection of water against 4G technology tested with Sensitive Crystallization , we can advance that we are facing a good electromagnetic protection system of 5G technology.

User manual

lb 4 Phone

  • The customer has 15 days to return the product in case of dissatisfaction, reimbursing the full amount of the cost of the product and the shipping costs to his home (shipping costs for the return will be borne by the buyer).

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