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€69 (spanish VAT included)


This is our LB 100 Water Vitalizer, Harmonizer and Balancer.


Made of polymer resin with an emulsion of nanoparticles and mineral microparticles, including quartz, giving it all the Energy and Resonator potential to return any organic particle (Water, People, Food, Plants, etc...) to its natural balance and reinforce from within so that we can feel it outside.


This is our original basic design, with a diameter of 10 cm, created from the fundamentals ofThe Regulatory Layouts of the Ancient Master Builders, Sacred Geometry:

The circle, the square, the fractals, four blades rotating like a vortex, the shape of the galaxy, the spiral movement, the natural form of the movement of energy and life.

Its origin is very ancient and is known practically throughout the history of humanity and in almost the entire planet.


Its two polarities mean that its toroidal energy field is constantly acting, making that your own energy field is expanded and reinforced, thus creating a protective barrier against harmful environmental agents such as the electromagnetic, electrical, and energy fields of other beings and people.


We have carried out different testing tests with various energy and laboratory techniques to verify the scope of its potential. Soon we will attach all here.




Lb 100 Lauburu

  • The customer has 15 days to return the product in case of dissatisfaction, reimbursing the full amount of the cost of the product and the shipping costs to his home (shipping costs for the return will be borne by the buyer).

  • You have in your hands a device to which you can give multiple uses to make your day to day more harmonious.

    The LB 100 Water generates an emission polarity in the form of Earth (-) in  its flat part, and the polarity of Sky (+) in its relief part. The effects therefore are different by placing it in one direction or another.

                            HARMONIZATION OF SPACES

    The LB100 device was designed as the main use to harmonize spaces, lines and telluric currents: water, fault, Hartman network, etc. For this, the use of dowsing rods is recommended. An optimal point in the house will be sought with them. or space to place it, it may be necessary to use more than one. You can put two in a line that goes through the center of the house and equidistant from the center, to harmonize it. It is essential to be familiar with the use of rods, dowsing, geobiology, etc. You can purchase the complete pack here.

    At GEOBIOTEK we offer you this complete measurement and harmonization service, more information here .


                                 ENERGY CLEANING

    It is also used for energetic cleaning, looking for the center of the room, house or premises, and placing 3 with a hotplate candle placed on top of the Lau-buru 100 and leaving it for at least an hour. When cleaning, it is convenient to leave the room so that the energy readjustment does not affect us.


                        WATER VITALIZER

    Water harmonization:

            Put LB100 Water as a coaster under a glass or bottle (with the positive pole relief part facing up). Leave it on for as long as you want, after 10 minutes, you can already notice the difference in taste or texture of the water. Likewise with wine. Allow to act for 10 to 20 minutes in wines that have been open for a few days and are already different in flavor. Or wines that are scratchy when opened, or acidic. It is not recommended with very good wines, unless they have been open for a few days... He usually changes it and improves it.


                            USE IN PEOPLE

    Many people have testified to the reduction of different physical symptoms by putting it in contact with the body on areas of discomfort. In general, it is used with the negative side (flat side towards the body) leaving it to act for about 20 minutes. In very acute localized symptoms, it has been used by placing the positive pole with the star directed towards the place where the symptom is concentrated, letting it act for 5-10 minutes and then turning it over and letting it act for the necessary time on the flat side. They can be fastened with straps for comfort and to place it well on the point of the body.

    It can also be applied with circular massage turning (to the right or left) very superficially in the concentration points of stiffness or contracture. Or even without touching the skin, a few centimeters with the flat side towards the body.  


    In relaxation sessions, one or three LB100 can be placed on different energy points or chakras. Going point by point. Or testing with a pendulum or feeling which chakras to put them on. In most treatments it is required to put on chakra 1 (it can be placed between the knees at the midpoint between the perineum and the heels, with the flat side resting on the floor, stretcher or bed) and 2. Normally with the flat side towards the body. It is advisable to be close to the person, in some cases there have been episodes of emotional unblocking, in people with a lot of burden. In the others, very deep and restorative relaxations have been observed. (The time of this practice will be determined by the sensitivity of each person).


            A GOOD NIGHT REST (and daytime!)

    To sleep it has been proven on numerous occasions that it reduces anxiety, placing it in the solar plexus and also under the pillow with the flat side up. On trips by car, train, bus or plane. It is advisable to carry the LB 100 close to the body. In the lower back it goes very well. In plane trips, a reduction in tiredness after the trip has been observed. Be careful not to put essential oils directly, they can cause damage to the device when very energetic work is carried out









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